Alternative Programs: Adding Value — 95% LTV Home Renovation Loans

By chrisking • November 10th, 2014

Cash out to 95% of the AFTER IMPROVED value of a home for upgrades to primary AND investment properties? Impossible, right? Wrong! Staff at CPK Mortgage just completed a training on the Fannie Mae HomeStyle loan. This incredible loan allows cash out for almost any permanently affixed upgrade to a property! Almost as amazing, this program allows lenders to calculate the loan to value ratio based upon the value of the home AFTER the repairs are completed. So imagine that a new bathroom would add $50,000 to your home’s value. The bank will use that extra $50,000 of theoretical value when analyzing your home’s overall current value! It’s an incredible opportunity to finance at normal Fannie Mae market interest rates. Let us help you make your remodeling dreams come true!


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