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Market Update for February 12 2018: Thank You, Clients!

You are my bread-and-butter. Yes, YOU. September 28th of this year will be CPK Mortgage’s 10th anniversary of being in business. Each and every year that I’ve been in business I can document the proof that my Clients and referrals from Clients are the life-blood of CPK Mortgage. So, I humbly say, “Thank You.” Every […]

Alternative Programs: Adding Value — VA Loan Rates

As I write this newsletter, I looked back to the last newsletter update that I had written, which was July 27th of 2015. The 30 year fixed rate stood at 3.875% whereas today it’s at 4.250%. We’ve crossed into the threshold of the “4s,” so it is important to consider every loan program available to […]

Pulse on Politics: Fannie/Freddie Loan Limits

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac got it right this year with loan limits. Logic prevailed: why should each county across the nation have the same maximum loan limit when the average price of a home in certain counties is much higher than in others? While the maximum loan limit in most counties is now $453,100, […]

Social Responsibility: Fire Fighter Paramedic

As I referenced in the Market Update above, I’ve become a Fire Fighter. I did some serious soul-searching and decided that the best way I can use my talents to make a difference in the world would be through the Fire Service. It has been an extremely challenging and ultimately, tremendously fulfilling change. The schedule […]

Market Update for November 10 2014: People, Not Politics

American politics are frustrating. A comment like this is almost platitudinous in how much we over-use the sentiment. November 4th, by all accounts on the national level, was a shellacking of the Democratic Party. But what is the real theme from a few day ago? For me, it’s one of profound frustration. Yes, I’m a […]

Alternative Programs: Adding Value — 95% LTV Home Renovation Loans

Cash out to 95% of the AFTER IMPROVED value of a home for upgrades to primary AND investment properties? Impossible, right? Wrong! Staff at CPK Mortgage just completed a training on the Fannie Mae HomeStyle loan. This incredible loan allows cash out for almost any permanently affixed upgrade to a property! Almost as amazing, this […]

Pulse on Politics: Rules of Thumb for Mortgage Rates

Rates ticked up by about 1/8 to a ¼ point depending on the loan program since last month’s newsletter. What is the cause for this? First, rates dove last month as the stock market declined steeply. With the drastic improvement in the stock market, rates have climbed. Internationally, things are relatively settled between Russia and […]

Social Responsibility: Tikkun Olam

Tikkun Olam: this is the Jewish phrase that translates to “Repair the World.” It is the mandate that Jews do what we can in the here and now to make the world a better place. The Jewish Federation of Los Angeles just completed one of its Days of Service. Members of CPK Mortgage, Inc. participated […]

Market Update for October 20 2014: Tremendous Opportunities

I’m looking at this 4th Quarter of 2014 as a time of tremendous opportunity. As I write this newsletter, I’m noticing bank rates on 30 year fixed mortgages at or around 3.875% at 0 points. We can attribute this most recent drop in rates to global insecurity: European economies are struggling, as is that of […]

Pulse on Politics: Lending Difficulties Continue

Various news sources, including Provident Bank’s Sigma Research, released an interesting, ironic update on October 3, 2014. Former Chair Person of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, stated that he was denied in his attempt to refinance his home loan. Perhaps it’s a good thing when the “rule makers” find out that overly stringent, knee-jerk reactions […]