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Alternative Programs: Adding Value — Financing for Home Upgrades

Have a desire to remodel your home? Banks are aggressively marketing niche loans from Fannie Mae and FHA that enable financing for anything from small upgrades to major remodel projects. The FHA 203(k) loan and Fannie Mae’s HomeStyle Renovation Loan are just two examples. Call us today for more details!

Market Update for September 8 2014: The Irrationality of VA Loans

The “Irrationality of Rationality.” This is one of my favorite sociological concepts first promulgated by Max Weber. His point, in short, is that we create bureaucracies with good intentions. They seek to solve problems, ensure predictability, provide stability and create structure. These are all “rational” goals. The “irrationality” enters the picture when bureaucracy becomes too […]

Pulse on Politics: A Pending Mortgage Crisis?

There could be a second housing crisis on the horizon. During the lending “hey-days” of easy-to-obtain financing, many borrowers took out 2nd mortgages or Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs). Typically, a HELOC allows 10 years for a client to make interest only payments. After 10 years, though, the entire balance must be paid off. […]

Social Responsibility: Hope for Homeless Families

The Culver City Rotary Club has adopted two apartments at the Upward Bound House in Culver City. Upward Bound is a homeless shelter for families providing rapid re-housing and social services to get families back on their feet. To help beautify and decorate these units with Culver City Rotary, contact us today for information! Come […]

Market Update for July 7 2014: Back in the Saddle

I’m back in the saddle! Since the last time I wrote a market update in November of 2013, a lot has changed. I threw my hat into the race for Culver City Council. Our team came up short, but we did well for a first attempt against two incumbents, and we learned a lot of […]

Alternative Programs — Adding Value: “Cash Flow” Mortgages

Is the income on your fax returns not-too-impressive, but you would like to buy investment real estate? There are a few fantastic new loan programs available for those who own or who are looking to buy investment real estate. One such program is a “cash flow” mortgage where a clients’ qualifying is based solely on […]

Market Update for October 14 2013: Hard Money Loans

In the words of Wayne Gretzky: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” I have two deals where the clients are taking calculated “shots.” In one case, the client has not filed tax returns in the last 5 years. He recently inherited a tri-plex with tremendous equity. He needs to pay off a […]

Pulse on Politics: Government Shut Down and Interest Rate Impact

How have the pending debt ceiling impasse and the current government shut-down impacted interest rates? These factors have been positive for interest rates. In general, economic instability leads to a drop in rates. US Bonds become a more attractive investment. With more investment in bonds, the price of bonds drops. This tends to correlate positively […]

Alternative Programs — Adding Value: Veterans Administration (VA) Loans

Many veterans have never taken advantage of their “VA Entitlement,” which is the ability of a Veteran or her/his family to obtain low rate financing for home ownership. VA loans can be used to purchase or refinance property. Purchase loans do not necessarily require a down payment (100% financing), and the rates are amazing. Also, […]

Social Responsibility: Culver City Rotary Club’s Casino Night

Join the Culver City Rotary Club on November 16th for our annual Casino Night Fundraiser! Consider buying a ticket for a 1 in 250 chance to win $10,000 in cash! Proceeds will benefit a host of Culver City’s school and educational opportunities.