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Testimonial: Mike and Darlene

Hi Chris- We greatly appreciate the gift certificate you sent to us and all the work you did for us to get the house. We’re already on our second set of tenants and they’re solid people and everything has worked out great. And with the property boom in recent times we’ve already made a big […]

Testimonial: “Grandma Linda”

Chris, Thanks so much. You are an angel.

Testimonial: Jennifer

Just got back to my office after signing everything with Yolanda. . . Huge hugs to both of you! You made it painless!!!

Testimonial: Susan

[Regarding locking my interest rate] Very cool!!! You do good work. Thank you. -Susan

Testimonial: Donna

I want to tell you that you are such an inspiration on so many levels. It’s an honor to know you and witness your determination, passion and success in all you do. Great job. Proud of you. You are truly an amazing person and so passionate with your projects.


Testimonial: Michael

I received the closing statement last night.  We are thrilled with your work and thank you again for everything.  Thanks again for the excellent work.  – Michael

Testimonial: Alonzo

Hi Christopher. I normally just blow through the many newsletters I receive but had to let you know I appreciate your willingness to pull back the veil of emotive rhetoric and take a more objective look at the dismal dynamics hindering our housing market recovery.  Over the years I have found the sitting administration gets […]

Testimonial: Dawn and Bryan

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Chris. . . we really appreciate all your hard work and patience.  I’m so happy to hear that this home is finally ours.  Thank goodness since we’ve already started working on the house, haa haa.  We definitely couldn’t have done it without your expertise.  Bryan and I are really looking forward […]

Testimonial: Shauna Swart

We did it! Thank you for helping me so many times along this journey to 1st time home-ownership. I am truly thankful that we worked together and I can promise you that we will work together again and again. I trust and appreciate your hard work and determination. Thank you Chris! – Shauna Swart

Testimonial: Sandy Turk

Dear Chris, I just wanted to say again how wonderful I think you are. Thank God you came into my life. I could not do this without you in helping with the refinance and lease of my properties. Together, we are a great team. I hope all is well. Talk to you soon. – Sandy […]