Market Update for January 14 2013: The Roller-Coaster of 2013

By chrisking • January 16th, 2013

Happy 2013! I’m pleased to say that in terms of gross revenue, net profit and number of loans closed, 2012 was the biggest year yet for CPK Mortgage, Inc. I’m excited to continue this success in 2013. From an economic standpoint, I think that 2013 will be a tumultuous year. Our national budget will (hopefully) take center stage. The temporary solution to the “Fiscal Cliff” is merely a Band-Aid. Legislators will haggle over cuts, resource allocation (and hopefully) economic growth vis a vis new industries, business innovation and increased hiring for a cutting-edge economy. And, Wall Street Investors and the media will continue to play a detrimental role as they hype mini-phenomena and focus on short-term happenings. The roller-coaster that I think will happen should give rise to opportunities. When news seems bad, when other nations’ economies struggle, when our legislators fail to reach consensus, interest rates will drop. Then, there will be moments when compromise seems imminent and earnings reports come in higher than expected: rates will rise.

Ultimately, I believe that internationally, nationally and locally, we have lost a sense of value. Debt, combined with a dearth of growth, is still a tremendous issue. Nations, states and localities are still struggling. What are things really worth when giants like China and India can be highly productive, and yet their people live in squalor? What is value in our country when major “too big to fail” corporations receive magical government bail-outs, and yet mom-and-pop stores can’t obtain financing to grow local business and hire our unemployed? May 2013 be the year that we seek answers to these questions, no matter how tumultuous the ride may be.


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