Market Update for November 10 2014: People, Not Politics

By chrisking • November 10th, 2014

American politics are frustrating. A comment like this is almost platitudinous in how much we over-use the sentiment. November 4th, by all accounts on the national level, was a shellacking of the Democratic Party. But what is the real theme from a few day ago? For me, it’s one of profound frustration. Yes, I’m a Democrat. But the losses in the Senate and House aren’t the frustrating part. What IS devastating is that much of the change was a repudiation of some of the President’s policies rather than an actual bright, exciting, forward-thinking agenda by the Republican Party.

The economy recovered beyond the point at which it was under Bush II. Unemployment has dropped drastically. In fact, it is steadily nearing a level that economists consider to be “acceptable” or “normal.” During the last six years, the President has experienced disgusting, unprecedented intransigence on the part of Congress. How can the head lead when the legs won’t move?

The game continues. Real people suffer. And we allow the process to continue through our own inaction. Take action locally, create change one person at a time. Break the cycle.


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